Google AdSense announces new Optimization tab

According to the blog post title “Explore opportunities with the new AdSense Optimization tab” from Google Inside AdSense, the new tab is able to help publishers increase revenue and user engagement. Publishers are able to explore new opportunities and features that could boost income, run A/B experiments and gain access to valuable optimization resources. The tab is currently in beta and only available for a limited group of publishers.

The announcement sounds interesting but again it still does not make publishers happy. The only thing which can help to put up a smiling face on publishers is by increasing the earning potential. Honestly, the last thing that a publisher wants to do is put up more time and energy on Google AdSense hoping for better income. The ideal strategy is let publisher focus on developing the site or bog and Google AdSense will be in charge of maximizing profits.

Lately Google AdSense seems to become complicated and provide many resources of help which only increase the work load of publisher instead of increases earning potential.

Please help to increase the earning potential. Don’t develop tools, analysis or features which might seems to help. Don’t make publishers work on Google AdSense but instead work for publishers so that we can focus on developing our site or blog.



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