Google AdSense announced more countries go Western Union

7 new countries announced by Google AdSense to go Western Union. These countries are Barbados, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nepal, Uruguay and Vietnam. That means Google Adsense account users that live in these countries are able to receive their payment through any bank with Western Union service. This is actually great news for Google AdSense account users that stay in these countries. There will be no snail mail which needs 3 weeks or more to reach the Google Account Users. No more worries about the mail might lost or accidentally send to wrong addresses. There will be no dealing with the bank that needs more than a month to clear a check. I still remember clearly those days that I need to wait for so long to get my first payment from Google AdSense. It took me more than 3 month from the day my account reach minimum payment until the day I received the payment. After I’m able to use Western Union to receive my payment, it just took about 1 month before I can spend the money.

I know that this is actually very excited to be able to walk in to a bank and receive your Google AdSense payment, not many people do that I think. Certain things you need to check and make sure before you rush to the bank. First of all you need to make sure that your Google AdSense payee name listed in your account is exactly the same as your government-issued ID. The reason that I bring this up because some of you might get confuse of which comes first, first name or last name. No matter what you need to make sure that the payee name for example “AAA BBB” is written the same as “AAA BBB” in your government-issued ID. If your payee name is written “BBB AAA”, than there is a possibility that you might not get the payment.

So make sure that you check everything before running to the bank for your Google AdSense payment. You don’t want your first Google AdSense payment ends up to be a lesson that you’ll never forget.



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