Google Ads to drive app install has become interesting

It seems that Google is giving another push on their ads particularly on mobile apps. In other words, Google has been trying to make mobile ads much more interesting by trying to get the attention of mobile users. Check out the blog post title “Introducing new interactive ads to drive app installs” from Google Inside AdWords.

Couple of things is currently introduced:

Play a game within an ad with Trial Run Ads. This is particularly focus on mobile games. Generally users get to trial run or play a simple version of the mobile game before deciding on downloading the game or not. It is not a new trick as a lot of games have been trying to promote their product by giving out short sample games in CD or DVD formats. Google is just making it easier to be done on ads without having to go thought the trouble of installing the sample games. I say it’s a smart move. Users have the opportunity to experience the game before deciding to download and play the complete version of the game.

Get ultra-creative with customized mobile ads. This means advertisers are able to customize their ads and create complicated ads beyond visual and audio experience. It is very interesting to see what kind of unique mobile ads advertisers are able to create. This usually opens up another money making opportunities online as advertisers will be paying for programmer to come out with an interesting eye catching ads. My guess is that advertisers will pay a lot more compare to mobile apps because a good customize ads brings customers to their door way.

I suppose any steps taken by Google are able to create new ways for people to make money online. As for now, those that who are into creating mobile apps or programing have the opportunity to expand their income. If you are thinking of pursuing money making opportunities online via mobile apps, it is still not too late to start now.



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