Google 2012 January 17 Search Quality Highlights

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online, any updates or changes within Google search algorithm can be very crucial to your success. Check out the blog post title “17 search quality highlights: January” from Google Inside Search. There are some updates and changes that you should take note. Some of the important updates include:

  • Fresher search results
  • Improve detection of recurrent event pages
  • High quality sites algorithm improvements
  • Improved image search quality
  • More relevant related searches

I’m sure most of you already notice the changes or search results of your blog or website. But judging from the 17 search quality highlights, some of the basic concept still remains. If you want your blog or website continues to stay on top of the search results, here’s what you should do:

  • Keep on writing fresh new content.
  • Write good quality content.

So how do you define fresh new content and good quality content? Well, it is all about doing things better than your competitors. If your competitors are writing one blog post per day, then you need to write at least two blog post per day. And of cause the quality of your blog post content should be better than your competitors. At the end of the day, Google search engine is just basically displaying the best stuff they can find online.



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