Getting to know your app users with Google Analytics

In order to make money online successfully, one of the things that we need to do is getting to know who our readers or viewers. In fact, this applies not just for online businesses but also offline businesses too. The better we get to know and understand our customers, the better we get to sell our products or services. In other words, we are just merely trying to figure out the needs so that we can supply it. Check out the blog post title “Upcoming Learn with Google webinar: Understanding your app users with Google Analytics” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. In order to get to know your app users, you can now make use of Google Analytics to measure in-app user activity. Google has schedule a webinar about this topic on Tuesday, 23rd of October at 10am PT/1pm ET. The webinar will be focusing on topics about setting up Google Analytics for mobile apps account and how to make use of the data or reports gain. Obviously this webinar is targeted for apps designers and those trying to make money with mobile apps.

P/S: We can make a lot of money easily if we know exactly what customers are looking for. Thus personal information related to customers is very valuable and can be sold. It won’t be a surprise if some companies are willing to pay a lot of money just for the right information about customers. If you are worrying about people making money by selling your personal information, don’t expose your personal information online or offline. That includes filling up your personal details on Facebook and taking a written survey when you are in a shopping mall. And if they promise not to sell your email, phone number or contact to companies, think twice because there is no guarantee they won’t do so.



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