Getting Back to Business of Money Making Opportunities

Reality seems to bite us when we are least expected. I experience that when my blog was off as something happened to my hosting server. My blog was down for about a week because the server was being upgraded. That was the time that I can really stop blogging and call it a holiday. But still things are not as what I expected. Once my blog was down, I was instantly hit by a serious flu. I had headache, running nose, cough and sore throat. In other words I was down too just the same as my blog.

I mentioned about how to avoid down time due to server issue by going for good reputed blog hosting company. It is true that good reputed server hosting company can reduce the possibility of blog down issue, but it’s going to cost a bit more for the service. If you’re tight in budget, you still have to take your chances with whatever on the shelf. In the other hand, you can treat these unpredictable events as a chance to rest, upgrade yourself and learn something new. There will always be problems no matter how good we prepared. The best thing is to learn to deal with it, solve it and get on with it. For every problems and issues that we solve and go through, we grow up and improve. I suppose this is not just about blogging, life works the same way too. There is no such thing as smooth ride without any problems. No pain, no game.

After about a week of rest I’m back in money making opportunities business again. The only thing in my mind is that I need to do a better job than before. During the week that I’m off without blogging, Google seems to introduce lots of interesting apps. We should go ahead and check it out. But for this post I’m just going to mention the news about Google Adsense for domains. According to the article “Adsense for domians makes it easier to setup your domains”, Google Adsense seems to improve the setup to make it easier for us to park our domains. The old method is still there but you can check out the usage of the new method at Google Help Center. Easy and user friendly is always my main comment towards all the Google applications.

That’s it for me for the first post after a week on the bed away from the laptop. I’ll continue to look for money making opportunities online and introduce them in this blog. Please check back again later.



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2 Responses to “Getting Back to Business of Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Dave says:

    In the last couple of years, competition have become more powerful, algorithms more complicated and unfortunately web hosting more unreliable. However, there are many new ways to make money online.

  2. George says:

    I have never try Adsense for domains, but I heard from few webmasters that conversion and potential ppc is very good. I don’t have any inactive domains, but after new year, I will buy few new one and will test it.