Free Online Seminor on Basic DFP Small Business

DFP Small Business team will be hosting a free online seminar next week November 10th to introduce DFP Small Business to Adsense publisher. It’s actually a seminar targeted beginners or new publishers who are interested in DFP Small Business. It’s a product introduction and guides on setting up the account. Those who are interested please refer to the article “Join us for a webinar to learn the basics of DFP Small Business” at Google Inside Adsense Blog for registration. I suppose there isn’t much about the seminar as it’s just a simple introduction to guide publisher on the settings and best usage of the tool. It will be better if you learn about DFP Small Business before attending the seminar. Make full use of the question and answer at the end of the seminar. I think that’s the most voluble session in the seminar.

P/S: By the way, did you notice Google Adsense is testing out new Google Adsense interface? I think Google is testing it out with a small group of publishers. Sign in your Google Adsense account and check if you’re one of those selected publishers. Although it’s nice to have a new interface, but still my main concern is the amount of money that I can make from Google Adsense. In my opinion, publishers don’t need fancy good looking interface. We just need useful info, figures and statistics which can help us to improve our blog or website to increase revenue.



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  1. Dave says:

    I have tested the new Adsense interface yesteday and I got lost in the beginning, actually I like it and I think new interface will help me to improve my conversion.