Double Site Approval is required for Google Adsense New Application

Is it difficult to get approval for Google Adsense account? Well, let’s put it this way. A lot of people around the world are being rejected. Just do a search online and you’ll find lots of people complaining about it and seeking advice on how to get approval. Some people even try purchasing Google Adsense account from others who no longer interested in making money online via Google Adsense. When it comes to money making opportunities online, Google Adsense still remains as one of the popular ways to make money online. Thus many people around the world will try to apply for Google Adsense account once they start blogging or own a website.

Check out the blog post title “Updates to the application process for host partner sites” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. Google will be updating the application process for new publishers who apply for Adsense account via Blogger or Hubpages. The approval that new publishers gain via Blogger or Hubpages does not covers own domain and sites. That means if you are hoping to place ads on newly purchase domain an sites, you will have to complete an extra approval step. Basically you need approval for Adsense account to place ads on Blogger or Hubpages. If you wish to place ads on own hosting site with new domain name too, another approval is required. So it is a double approval if you are hoping to move your blog from Blogger to your own hosting blog.

Is the extra approval necessary? Honestly, I think Google is just trying to control the quality of the site that has Google Adsense Ads on it. By placing the extra approval step, Google is able to check the site and make sure that it is good enough for their advertisers. Although there is no guarantee that publishers will continue to build good quality site once the approval is obtain, at least the extra step makes it a must to create one good quality site.



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