Donate Online for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Japan Earthquake and tsunami not just affect Japan or Asia but also worldwide globally. As a blogger the effect which I notice right after the incident was the slowdown of internet speed and response on certain websites. This is just a small part of impact which I can feel at the moment. I suppose the disasters are not over yet as there are other problems follow by the results of earthquake and tsunami. Food, economic, transport, weather and fuel will be affected globally. This incident gives me a feeling that we are living in a small world. The disasters seem like happen right next door and sooner or later it will affect us indirectly.

For the coming months, you’ll notice some changes either in products, shares, currency, food and particularly things which related to Japan. I’m guessing it’s an adjustment due to the impact of Japan earthquake and tsunami. Some people will gain benefits and somebody will hit by losses. Either way, it’s going to be a hard time which everybody needs to face. For now Japan is the one who is facing a very hard time since World War 2. If you would like to provide help by donating some money, please follow the link provided by Yahoo title “Japan earthquake and tsunami: How to help” to check for links which you can place your donation. There are lots of scammers who make use of this situation to make money, so be sure that you’re placing your donation in the right place.

P/S: Anything happens in this world is our problem as we are all living in the one and only earth.



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