Did Google just said signing up for AdSense is now faster and easier?

“Signing up for AdSense is now faster and easier” This is the blog post title from Google Inside AdSense. According to Google we can now create ad units and place them on our site right after signing up for new AdSense account. We have heard and seen a lot of cases for people who are trying to sign up for an AdSense account. It was not an easy task, especially when it comes to the approval part. Many applications were rejected. So what makes Google decide to change? I suppose we just have to wait and see. Here is something interesting that you need to check. According to the blog post, it typically takes 48 hours to complete the site review after adding the code to our site. Ads will remain blank until review passes. See the catch?

I’m guessing the rules are still the same but style of playing the game has changes. Google can approve your site faster and easier. They can also blacklist or terminate your account faster and easier. Once they kick you out from the game, you won’t be able to cash out the money you earn from Google AdSense. Appeal will be difficult and mostly impossible once Google sends you the accusation email. And remember that once you are banned from the game, you are out eternally.



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