Continue Learning at ECorner to Generate More Money Making Opportunities

ecorner learning to increase money making opportunitiesIt is true that we bloggers have to keep up with the changes and updates online. Especially if we intend to make blogging a full time job, there are lots of things that we need to keep up with. That’s because being a full time blogger is not just maintaining daily post but it’s a path of an entrepreneur. In order to become a successful entrepreneur we must update and continue learning almost everything around us. We need to be at least able to work on creativity, innovation, capturing opportunities, develop products, marketing research, leadership, teamwork, life balance, finance and many more. I suppose if you take a look at other entrepreneurs and you can see that they have to manage lots of things. Basically entrepreneurs treat blogging as a business rather than just an interest or hobby.

Here’s a website that I found that we should take a look, especially if you’re planning to become an entrepreneur. Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner or ECorner has a collection of over 1600 videos and podcast which are licensed under a creative commons alternative copyright. You can use the materials for teaching and educational purposes but it’s good enough if you can watch them yourself. You can actually teach yourself entrepreneurship by watching lectures by some entrepreneurial thought leaders. Some of the lectures might not be easy to understand but good thing is that you can repeatedly watching it until you understand. Watch the lectures with your friends or colleague and make group discussion. The results will be much better instead of watching it alone.

P/S: One of the key to success is to be able to improve yourself from time to time. You should be start worrying if you have stop update and improving yourself.



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  1. Miss Kim says:

    Yes, you always have to improve yourself… constantly. I blog about my Creative Movement classes and DVD for children and parents love it. It’s was something new for me and I’ve had to learn a lot.