Connects customers to your business with Google My Business

Lately Google introduces Google My Business which I think it is not entirely a new feature. If you are been playing around with Google Places for Business, Google+ and Google Hangs out, I’m sure you’ll instantly notice this is just an upgrade combination of Google tools. Before this Google have a lot of tools and features which individually perform a specific purpose and goal. Things are actually scattered all around and users need to hop from page to page. Google has a lot of features and tools but they are not properly organized and link. Sometimes users tend to waste a lot of time wondering around getting lost. Yes, I honestly think some features are confusing. Especially when you are working on Google pages and Google places for Business, you tend to click back to certain pages again and again.

It’s a good thing that Google introduces Google My Business by trying to gather related features and tools together. Users are able to update business info, connect with customers, check out reviews, and upload videos and photos. There are some minor upgrades but unfortunately it still doesn’t feel user friendly enough. If Google is seriously hoping to help small business owners, the features have to be simple, easy and effective. Most small business owners don’t have the time and effort to play around online as they need to watch closely of their business. At the end of the day, most small business owners still need others help if they are hoping to make use of Google for their business.

P/S: You need to login to your Google account if you are using Google Places for Business. There are some minor changes and you might need to fill up some details.



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