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There was a time when checking out blog comments is a daily routine for me. It was kind of fun and encouraging reading comments from readers. Back then spam was not so serious and WordPress plugin Akismet was able to capture most of the spams. But when the number of spam comments started to increase, manually delete needs to be done as Akismet is unable to filter out all the spams. It was then I decided to remove the comment feature on this blog. Currently the WordPress plugin Akismet is able to filter out 151,717 spams successfully.

Removing the comment feature makes this blog becomes quiet. Although I’m still able to continue pursuit for money making opportunities online, it feels kind of strange. It feels like fishing in a lake where there is no movement within the water. Instead of reactivating the blog comment feature, I would suggest to take the comments somewhere else.

Please make all comments via Money Making Opportunities ToastEggMe Facebook Page.

Is this a good idea? Well, it is definitely better than letting spams taking over this blog. Spam comments can seriously affect the value of a blog. And it takes up a lot of time everyday going through comments just to clean them up. So it is better to just move the whole comment platform to Facebook Page.



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