Check out the new enhancing text ads on Google Display Network

According to the latest blog post title “Enhancing text ads on the Google Display Network” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, Google is improving the text ads by adding a clickable arrow icon. Usually when such changes are taking place, I tend to think about the reasons behind such decision. It is normal to keep on making changes because this is how things improve. And if we are able to figure out the reasons behind such decisions are made, we might be able to discover some money making opportunities.

Just take a look at the new text ads format with the small clickable arrow icon beside. The first thing that comes to my mind is mobile devices. Especially the design of the clickable arrow icon seems to cater specifically for mobile devices. Either it is mobile phone or table device, the clickable arrow icon fits nicely within the platform. In other words, the design is just trying to encourage or increase clicks from mobile users. If you are a mobile user, will you have the desire just to click on the icon and see what happens?

Is the new improvement a good idea? Well, we just have to check out the results and data after experimenting it for few months. As a publisher, I really don’t mind at all as long as it helps increase my revenue. I suppose that is the only thing that I’m concern. As for the advertisers, it is still too early to see if it helps to increase businesses.

P/S: You may check out the new text ads on your blog or website. Keep an eye on the clicks and revenue. Hopefully it can help to increase revenue.



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