Check out how many customers search for your business on Google Map

In order to let customers locate your business on Google Map, you need to register Google Places for Business. You can do this easily with a Google account and it is free. This feature is now repackage by Google and launch as Google My Business. This is the most basic and simple way to get your business online. Note that customers can find your business not just through Google Map but also from Google Search Engine. That means you don’t even have to setup a webpage for your business. Simply register for Google My Business will do. Once you fill up the particulars and verified the account, your business will be appearing on Google Map and Google Search Engine. You may go ahead and tell customers to search for your business using Google Search Engine for information and direction.

As Google continues to improve Google My Business, we now able to check how our business performs on web. That means we can now check number of times people saw our business information, areas from which users have searched for driving directions to our business and number of impressions of our Google+ page. Check out the blog post title “See the metrics that matter for your business” from Google and Your Business.

Honestly, I think most business owners won’t concern must about this information. Most of them will be busy focusing on doing their business. If they have extra time and energy to improve their business, it is better off to do some marketing online. Regardless of what the data shows, increasing publicity and number of customer is a nonstop continues work. Business owners will keep on improving their business no matter what. Instead of wasting time checking out performance, it is better to work on something practical which helps to get more customers.



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