Check out Google Search Improvement and updates for March 2012

There are about 50 changes on Google search for March 2012. You may check out the complete list of changes in the blog post title “Search quality highlights: 50 changes for March” from Google Inside Search blog. As this blog is about money making opportunities online, let’s talk about how the changes affect publishers’ earning potential and traffic. Below is the list of changes announced:

  • Autocomplete with math symbols.
  • Improvements to handling of symbols for indexing.
  • Better scoring of news groupings.
  • Sitelinks data refresh.
  • Improvements to autocomplete backends, coverage.
  • Better handling of password changes.
  • Better indexing of profile pages.
  • UI refresh for News Universal.
  • Improvements to results for navigational queries.
  • High-quality sites algorithm data update and freshness improvements.
  • Live results for UEFA Champions League and KHL.
  • Tennis search feature.
  • More relevant image search results.
  • Fresher image predictions in all languages.
  • SafeSearch algorithm tuning.
  • Tweaks to handling of anchor text.
  • Simplification to Images Universal codebase.
  • Better application ranking and UI on mobile.
  • Improvements to freshness in Video Universal.
  • Fewer undesired synonyms.
  • Better handling of queries with both navigational and local intent.
  • Improvements to freshness.
  • Improvements to processing for detection of site quality.
  • Better interpretation and use of anchor text.
  • Better local results and sources in Google News.
  • Deprecating signal related to ranking in a news cluster.
  • Fewer “sibling” synonyms.
  • Better synonym accuracy and performance.
  • Retrieval system tuning.
  • Less aggressive synonyms.
  • Update to systems relying on geographic data.
  • Improvements to name detection.
  • Updates to personalization signals.
  • Improvements to Image Search relevance.
  • Remove deprecated signal from site relevance signals.
  • More precise detection of old pages.
  • Tweaks to language detection in autocomplete.
  • Improvements in date detection for blog/forum pages.
  • More predictions in autocomplete by live rewriting of query prefixes.
  • Expanded sitelinks on mobile.
  • More accurate short answers.
  • Migration of video advanced search backends.
  • +1 button in search for more countries and domains.
  • Local result UI refresh on tablet.

The most significant change that site owners notice is the quires which drive traffic from search engines. Keywords which used to drive lots of traffic for years might not be on the top. Site owners will notice that keywords from articles or posts which written with best effort are starting to move up on top of the quires list. If you are constantly working on SEO or search engine optimization, you will realize that good quality content with detail descriptions and clear understanding is the key to long term traffic driven momentum. Instead of chasing after SEO, it will be better to put more time and effort into writing good quality content.

Looking at the list of changes for March, publishers not just have to focus on producing good quality content but also keeping the content fresh constantly. Other than focusing on writing, publishers also need to work on images and videos as they starting to play a very important role in driving traffic. Publishers also have to decide and plan if their site needs to focus in a particular geographical location.

P/S: Remember that Google is going after sites that are overly SEO. So prioritize on producing good quality content first before working on SEO. Eventually we will graduate from SEO once Google manage to improve the search engine algorithm until certain level. At the end of the day, all it matters is the quality of the content either it is in written form, image or video.



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