Check out events on Social Media Month presented by Google Small Business

Live videos questions and answers about different social media topic are being organize by Google every Friday this month. A lot of experts will be participating in this month events. The lineup is as below

LinkedIn for Small Business, 9/4 at noon PST

YouTube for Small Business, 9/11 at noon PST

Pinterest for Small Business, 9/18 at noon PST

Twitter for Small Business, 9/25 at noon PST

For further details, check out blog post title “Google Small Business Presents Social Media Month” from Google and Your Business.

I think even if you are unable to present your questions in this event, it is still benefit to just watch and listen quietly. I suppose a lot of small business owners have similar questions as you do. As the main focus is about Social Media, topics are mostly related to traffic and how to interact with customers online. Especially if you are just at the beginning stage of starting your own business, you might be able to learn a lot.



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