Changes due to Google Cutbacks

Google announced plans on cutbacks. That’s not a surprise as the world is experiencing an economic crisis and almost every big company affected. According to the news and information gathered, Google plans to cuts 100 jobs, shutdown some projects and reduce hiring. That’s not too bad compare to other big companies that cutting 5000 to 10000 jobs. Given the current situation, we should be expecting some changes in year. For sure advertisement will be less and that means less Google Adsense revenue. Some of the changes that Google announced during the first quarter of year 2009 are the closure or shutdown of Google Catalogs, Google Notebooks, Google Video, Dodgeball, Google Mashup Editor and the development of Jaiku. Well, some of the services are not shutdown entirely but will not be any improvement, updating and accepting new users. In other words, Google decided to stop investing on these services.

If you’re one of the users for the above Google services, I think it’s time to pack things up and move on to other similar services. It’s better to get ready for the changes as who knows one day you might not be able to login again. Be prepared so that you won’t lose some of the important stuff you have.

P/S: One of the changes that you need to take note is that Feedburner is merging with Google. For all FeedBurner users, you need to transfer your account to Google Account. They are planning to have all accounts transferred by February 28 2009. Better start read the details and starts transferring. Here’s the link for detail instructions – Transferring FeedBurner Accounts to Google Accounts.



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4 Responses to “Changes due to Google Cutbacks”

  1. eBay says:

    I want Google to buy eBay myself. And paypal, too, for that matter. But thanks for the words of warning and sound advice. I sure hope adsense stays strong because I was going to start trying my hand at that.

  2. Kumo says:

    It’s not a good idea for Google to buy eBay and PayPal. We don’t want Google to monopolize the internet. Surely we can’t let Google to be just like Microsoft. There must be some competition so that the voice and user opinions are valued.

  3. Slow says:

    You know what they should cut back on? Their leisure approach to their workers. I have seen videos on that, that there employees are allowed to play anytime they want.

  4. Kumo says:

    I think they did. Just that Google didn’t announce it. All those unnecessary leisure expenses can turn into job opportunity.