Celebrating Blogger’s 11th Birthday

blogger with 11th birthday cakeBlogger is celebrating the 11th birthday on 31st August 2010 and they are planning to host a global birthday party. Sound’s fun? That might just depend on who’s organizing it. Basically Blogger set the date and it’s up to us to organize the parties. We can use the Meetup Everywhere feature to gather people around. This feature only gathers people around at particular area and form a party. We have to organize the actual meet up location and time. So somebody within the party needs to volunteer on taking up the task. You’ll find a section where it states “This Meetup needs an organizer”. So this is not a free meal party. A small group of meet up will be fine but then it might not be that fun. I suppose it’s a different level of fun if you compare it with a big group. But then having a big group might be difficult to organize. A big group will definitely needs a larger place to meet up. That means a small coffee shop might not be suitable because it won’t fit so many people. You might just need to get a hotel ballroom for a large crowd. Perhaps I’m over exaggerated. Any how I hope that there will be a party available close to where I stay. It is said that there might be surprises and treasures within. Well, let’s just see. I hope that everybody who participate can have a good time.

P/S: It seems that Blogger has the same birthday with my country. It’s public holiday to me but I think it’s just nice to celebrate all together. I think finding a location to meet up might be a problem. It will be better to just meet up at Local Google related office.



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  1. James says:

    Honestly I didn’t know that platform is that mature. I heard about blogging and web 2, probably about 7 years ago. But blogger is blogger, even Matt Cutts use it.