Catching Up with Google Mobile Search Advertising to Build Money Making Opportunities Online

According to the latest blog post title “Mo-mentum: what’s new with mobile search advertising” from Google Mobile Ads Blog, Google has unveiling some new mobile search ad formats which might affect money making opportunities online. Especially those who try to make money via mobile site or mobile apps, changes in Google mobile advertising strategies will greatly affect the earning potential. Below is the list of brief explanation on Google new search ads meets mobile apps.

  • Google search ads in mobile apps. Apps developers are able to make money by including Google custom search ads into their apps.
  • Click to Download. Apps developers are able to include app icons and information about the app in their ad unit in order to help people decide whether to download the app or not.
  • Mobile App Extensions. This new Google ad unit is able to direct people to a page within a mobile app already installed mobile phone.
  • Click to Call. This ad is design for high end smartphones which allows users to call directly to a particular business or service.
  • Hyperlocal search ads. This type of search ads contain useful local information like phone numbers, driving directions, number to click and direct call business. It also shows people how far they are from specific business locations.
  • Proximity as a factor in mobile search ads ranking. This new feature helps connect customers to the nearest business or service provider.
  • Circulars. This is an interesting new ad format which enables users to email circulars with special offers or discounts to their mobile phones and redeem the offers.

Judging from all the new Google mobile search advertising introduced, developers are able to make money by just offering free apps download. The freemium strategy is able to capture lots of downloads which eventually brings in lots of impression and revenue. If the app is able to generate one million downloads, 1% click through rate from Google ads is good enough to generate a lot of money. People usually will go for FREE apps before deciding to pay for an app. If the apps that you design are not so good and still has lots of improvement to be done. It might be a good idea to just give it out for free at the beginning. Once you have finally completed your design and make the apps as perfect as possible, consider charging the upgrades with a small amount of fees and remove all the ads within. This way customer has the choice to use the free app version or pay for the upgrade version. This is the most comment strategy most software products use to make money online, and it works.



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