Catch Google Adsense in Your City to Learn more about Making Money with Mobile Site

Google has announced their latest schedule of Adsense in Your City for April, May and June 2012. A total of 15 cities will be visit by Google Adsense team starting this summer 10th April with Sacramento, CA. Publishers able to meet up with Google Adsense Optimization team and work on their website, blog and mobile site. Yes, mobile site will be included. Best of all, publishers get to meet up with Google Adsense team member one-on-one for site review and customized recommendation. Check out the blog post title “Announcing our upcoming North America Adsense in Your City events” from Google Inside Adsense Blog.

The event includes presentations on optimization tips, DoubleClick for Publisher Small Business and Mobile offering. But I think the best part of this event is that publishers get to discuss with Google Adsense team member in person directly. Get your questions and topic ready before the event. Your goal is to make sure that your website, blog or mobile site gets an upgrade or boost up. The end result which every publisher are looking for is an increase of Google Adsense earning. I suppose topics related to mobile site will be the main focus as many publishers are trying to get ahead in mobile market.

P/S: Remember to check your Google Adsense account and opted in to Special Offers. This allows Google to send you invitation to attend Adsense in Your City event. And don’t forget to sign up for the event if you are interested.



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