Blending Google Adsense Ads into Site with New Ad Styles

One of the advices given on maximizing Google Adsense earning is to make the ads as part of the site. In other words, we need to tune and blend the ads into the site. The color, font, size and links of the ads must be similar with the content of the site. Does this method applicable and useful? Can this method really increase Google Adsense earnings? How many of you have tried this and receive an increase of earnings? Well, honestly I’m not so convincing. Sometimes even an attractive and eye capturing ads can trigger the curiosity of an individual to click. Having ads that stand out uniquely have the magic that persuades readers to click and see. Readers know and understand it is an ad which is not related to the site but still choose to click. I think readers will feel better than having to click on the ads thinking it was part of the content of the site. Most readers will back track their browsers once they knew it is an ad they clicked.  These are the clicks which publishers won’t be getting any earnings or benefits. In my opinion, it is best to display and shows the ads clearly so that readers knew they are ads but still choose to click on them. A simple and direct approach will make every click worthwhile.

Check out the blog post title “Introducing ad styles: an enhanced feature replacing color palettes” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. Publishers can now play around the ad styles and create customized ads. Publishers can edit colors, fonts and corner styles to make the ads much more appealing. Best of all, these changes can be easily apply to ad units and search engines across your site.

P/S: Do you choose to blend or make the ads stand out?



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