Become a Google Power Searcher and You Will Find Treasures Online

What is the first thing that you need to learn if you wish to make money online? There are actually a lot of things that you need to learn but first you need to introduce yourself to Google and learn everything about their search engine. Most of the basic information, guides and tips about how Google search engine works can be obtain easily online. But if you need to learn more about advance search, you need to become a Google power searcher. Check out the blog post title “Become a Google power searcher” form Google Official Blog. If you wish to learn more about tips, tricks and tactics to use Google search, sing up for the Power Searching with Google course. Registration is FREE. The course contains six classes with about 50 minutes each. Lessons start on July 10th 2012 and you can take them according to your own schedule.

If you are serious about trying to make money online, learning more about advance search can really help. You can make use of the knowledge obtain from this course for design, programming and writing. Especially if you are into SEO, this is a course which you shouldn’t miss.



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