Auto fills up online forms

It can be troublesome and annoying if you are required to fill up forms online. Sometimes you might just need to fill up lots of online forms with similar input for example emails, names, address and phone number. This is a very common practice if you do a lot of online shopping and registering. In order to save time and the trouble of typing the same information again and again, popular browsers tend to include an autocomplete feature. This includes Google Chrome too. Check out the blog post title “Helping users fill out online forms” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. As for today, Google Chrome fully support the “autocomplete” attribute for form fields according to the current WHATWG HTML Standard. This makes it easier and friendly for users and this includes mobile devices too. Especially for mobile users, this really is a very big help.

My only concern is the security behind the autocomplete feature. If information can be obtain or abstract from autocomplete feature easily, this might become an easy target for hackers to obtain emails, login ids and passwords. This is the reason why I tend to turn off autocomplete and fill up the forms the hard way again and again.



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