Attend Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP News Lab in your languages

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online via mobile, you might need to consider attending the upcoming Accelerated Mobile Pages News Lab. Check out the blog post title “AMP NewsLab Office Hours in your languages” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. Below is the lineup of the News Lab. There are several languages available which you can join accordingly. It is recommended that you come prepare and do your homework on Accelerated Mobile Pages before attending the News Lab. Especially when it comes to Q and A section, get your questions ready and well prepare. It is understood that Accelerated Mobile Pages is the main focus for these News Lab, but still you can turn it into your advantages by presenting good and interesting question. You will definitely get the attention if you are able to ask the right question. In order to do this you will have to learn and study the so call Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Introduction to AMP – Mar. 7 @ 1700 CET with Cecile Pruvost, Industry Manager

AMP Anatomy – Mar. 14 @ 1700 CET with Emeric Studer, Technology Manager


Introduction to AMP – Mar. 8 @ 1500 CET with Luca Forlin Head of International Play Newsstand Partnerships

AMP Anatomy – Mar. 15 @ 1500 CET with Flavio Palandri Antonelli, AMP Software Engineer


Introduction to AMP – Mar. 9 @ 1700 CET with Nadine Gerspacher, Partner Development Manager

AMP Anatomy – Mar. 18 @ 1600 CET with Paul Bakaus, Developer Advocate


Introduction to AMP – Mar. 9 @ 1430 CET with Demian Renzulli, Technical Solutions Consultant

AMP Anatomy – Mar. 16 @ 1430 CET with Julian Toledo, Developer Advocate

Brazilian Portuguese

Introduction to AMP – Mar. 10 @ 1430 BRT with Carol Soler, Strategic Partner Manager

AMP Anatomy – Mar. 17 @ 1430 BRT with Breno Araújo, Technology Manager


Introduction to AMP & AMP Anatomy – Mar. 10 @ 1500 MSK with Natasha Rostovtceva, Strategic Partner Manager & Boris Farber, Developer Advocate


Introduction to AMP – Mar. 15 @ 1800 JST with Duncan Wright, Strategic Partner Manager


Introduction to AMP – Mar. 10 @ 1400 WIB with Rica Handayani, Strategic Partner Manager



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