Another two new ad sizes for Google AdSense

According to the blog post title “New ad sizes for Google AdSense” from Inside AdSense, Google AdSense releases another two new ad sizes which include 970×250 billboard and 300×1050 portrait. Although it is said this is as per request from both publishers and advertisers, I’m sure Google is very happy and willingly to add as many ad sizes as long as it helps increase their revenue. It won’t be a surprise that Google announces another new ad size some time in future. I’m guessing the next new ad size will be a complete full page ad size.

Regardless of what ad size Google introduced, it does not matter if your blog or website draws no traffic. Instead of trying to figure out which ad size to use, it is better to focus on increasing traffic. Once your blog or website has a huge amount of traffic, Google AdSense is just one of the many money making opportunities online that you will consider.

And if your blog or website is able to draw a huge amount of traffic, I mean really huge amount of audiences, Google will be approaching you for business opportunities instead. Unfortunately only a small percentage of website or blog is able to obtain such opportunity. My advice for blog and website owners is tried not to depend too much on Google AdSense. It is better to diversify your source of income and try to create multiple source of income either online or offline. Remember that at the end of the day, it is all about business regardless of how good their statement sound.



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