Analysis and guide for online retailers to capture money making opportunities for yearend sales 2014

It seems a lot of companies and businesses are starting to prepare for 2014 yearend sales. If you are hoping to ride on the final wave of money making opportunities for 2014, start preparing now. In order to capture the right timing, volume, products, services, price and other related business decisions, you need to obtain updated information regarding your customers. One way of doing so is by doing research online. As it is a huge topic with lots of information to process, it is going to take some time. Honestly, the work of collecting information should begin as early as January right after every yearend sales. It is a bit too late to start now. Luckily Google has collected and analyzed some of the date over the 2013 holiday season. Although the data might not applicable to some businesses, at least it tells a general customers’ transaction behavior. Especially if you are planning to target customers online, you need to take a look at the date carefully and plan your business strategy. Check out the blog post title “Online Retailers: The Secret to Seasonal Success in 2014” from Google Analytics Blog.

P/S: Study the data and try to predict the period that drives the most sales for your business. Base on the prediction and develop your marketing plan accordingly.



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