Adsense increases the size of Competitive Ad Filter up to 500 sites

The increase of Competitive Ad Filter up to 500 sites by Adsense is expected. In fact I don’t think 500 sites is enough, perhaps I should say it is never enough. The Competitive Ad Filter is introduced by Adsense for the purpose to block ads leading to competitors’ sites. That’s what Adsense suggested or wanted publishers to use, but in actual the Competitive Ad Filter isn’t treated that way. Most of the publisher uses the Competitive Ad Filter to filter out those so call low price Ads. By doing so it is said that publisher is able to increase the Adsense earning.

How true this is? Well, just try it out yourself and you’ll get your answer from your Adsense earning. Just by using the Adsense Preview tool, you’re able to view the destination URLs and listed them into the Competitive Ad Filter. The price of the Ads will not be shown but you can easily judge the price of the ads from the geological target and the quality of the site. Normally sites from United States with high quality design pay a high price in advertisement. The key to increase earning in Adsense is to make full use of the Competitive Ad Filter by make ways for high price ads by removing low price ads. Some publisher might also go on by removing ads that they feel their readers might not be interested.

Let’s talk about the so call “competitive ads”. Basically it’s an advertisement from sites that have the same interest with yours. Meaning if you’re selling cars at your site, you should also block ads that lead to sites that sells car. When you place Google Adsense on your site, chances are that most of the ads displayed can be considered as competitive ads. That’s because Google Adsense display ads that are relevant to your site. It is better to remove Google Adsense if you do not want your customers to move away from your site or provide another option for your customers. Leaving the one and only option for your customers to click on is the best way to convert a deal.

Besides even if you allow your competitive ads to display on your site, that doesn’t mean you’ll get nothing out from it. At least you’ll earn some money when customers click on the Ads to check out similar options. If customers don’t like it, they can always come back to the previous site. All you need to do is create a better site so that customers return. That’s how a business should be done.



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