Additional Targeting Options Available for Adwords Mobile Advertisers

According to the latest blog post title “New targeting options available to Adwords mobile advertisers” from Google Mobile Ads Blog, Google now introduces WiFi targeting and OS Version targeting. As Advertisers have the option to choose between targeting tablet devices, desktop computers, laptop computers and mobile phone carriers, this will definitely affect publishers’ earning potential. The question is how publishers adjust to these changes accordingly in order to continue make money via Google Adsense.

The ideal way for publishers to adapt with these changes is to make sure that their blog or website can be view or access through all targeting options. The adjustment can be done but the result might not be perfect. Squeezing a regular blog or website into small mobile display might not look as good as we expected. If you really hope to maximize profit by targeting specific customers or readers, the decision of choosing either mobile site or regular desktop site can make a big difference.

Now that Google Adwords starting to break down the targeting audiences across all devices and platforms, studies and research can be done to create sites which cater for specific audiences. Currently we can design our site to suite for desktop computer, smartphone or tablet devices. Users from these three groups of devices have a big difference in terms of buying power, interest and shopping habits. When it comes to making money via Google Adsense, we have to consider the effect of Google Adwords towards our earning. Remember that advertisers are the one who are actually paying publishers. Google is just the mediator who connects advertisers and publishers. The way Google connects or bridge advertisers and publishers can affect earning potential greatly.



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