A picture of your business is better than thousand words describing your business

No matter how good you describe your business, it is never good enough unless you provide a picture of your business. Especially if you are trying to make use of Google my Business to attract new customers, a picture of your shop makes it easy for customers to locate your shop and feel conformable to check out your shop personally. Check out the blog post title “Better than 1000 words: introducing new photo tools to help you show off your business on Google” from Google and Your Business.

Google always update and improve their algorithm and features. This goes the same with Google My Business. It is good to always login to Google my Business to check out the updates and changes. Lately Google My Business allows users to make use of images to appear in front of customers. That means you are able to show off your business using images. I suppose this is a great way to attract customers to visit your business and take a look for themselves.



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