A Contest from Work at Home Blogging

Work at Home Blogging is holding a contest in the beginning of year 2009. As I’m one of the sponsors of this contest, I decided to support it. The contest starts on 27th Jan 2009 and ended on 27th Feb 2009. No money prize in this contest but you’ll be able to win lots of entrecard credits and some ad space. Basically it’s traffic that you’ll get. Which is I think the main purpose for this contest. As for the rules to participate the contest, I’ll leave it for you to check it out from Work at Home Blogging.
I always love contest. It’s not about the prizes or the gifts. It’s about the links that you’ll get and the exposure. Sometimes you’ll never know what you’ll get after a contest but chances are you might get lots of surprise. Either you’re holding a contest or participate it yourself, the results are beneficial.  Take for example of the famous American Idol contest. You don’t have to come out 1st to be the winner. Entering the contest by standing in front of the judges and making a performance in front of the TV is enough to make you famous.



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2 Responses to “A Contest from Work at Home Blogging”

  1. Give 2 Achieve says:


    I guess, I am late for this contest. I do hope you will announce new contests this month also…


  2. Kumo says:

    Well, I’ll let you know. Just stop by from time to time.