2016 money making opportunities online will be focus on mobile

This year I will be focusing on mobile related money making opportunities online. Smartphone and tablets will be the main focus as people around the world are starting to make it a must to have these gadgets. Although laptop and desktop are still the best choice when it comes to work, people will turn to smartphone and tablets when it comes to entertainment and presentation. We will be seeing a split of usage in terms of work and fun. This is why some people choose to work on a desktop, having presentation using a tablet and making notes using their smartphone. The best solution is having all the mention gadgets above for various purposes, for now. Eventually my guess is all will become one at the end. It is kind of troublesome to carry and own different gadgets. It will be best to have one gadget which is able to perform all the work mention above. We are getting there sooner or later. It is just the question of when. At the mean time we just have to stick with what we have now.

This year I will be focusing more on mobile apps, smartphone, tablets and tools related to mobile. It should be fun and interesting to find out what’s new for mobile out there.



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