10 Mobile Site Best Practices from GoMo to Maximize Money Making Opportunities Online

Making a mobile site is never the same as writing a blog or creating a website. Mobile site has to be mobile friendly and that can only be done when placing yourself as a smartphone user. In other words, you have to check out the mobile site that you created using a smartphone. The mobile site has to be easily view, click and navigate. Check out the blog post title “GoMo: Ten mobile site best practice” from Google Mobile Ads Blog for tips to improve your mobile site.

The 10 mobile site best practices provided are:

  1. Keep it quick
  2. Simplify navigation
  3. Be thumb-friendly
  4. Design for visibility
  5. Make it accessible
  6. Make it easy to convert
  7. Make it local
  8. Make it seamless
  9. Use mobile site redirects
  10. Listen, learn and iterate

There is a link in the blog post which allows readers to download a copy of the 10 mobile site best practices in a pdf file format. You can even check out the website howtogomo.com and see how mobile site should be made. If you are interested in creating a good mobile site, you may consider joining the webinar on “Making Mobile-friendly Websites: Best Practices in Action”. The webinar will be held on 10th November at 11am PST/2pm EST.

As mobile site is a new area with lots of things to explore, there should be lots of interesting tips and guides to learn. Plus there isn’t much info about how to create a good quality mobile site, we should not miss this opportunity. Especially if you are into making money via mobile site, the information presented in the Webinar can be very useful.



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