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How to protect your site or blog from user generated spam?

When we talk about user generated spam, we usually are referring to comments. Especially if you own a popular forum site, dealing with spam comments is an important daily task. If you are having trouble dealing with spam comments, check out the blog post title “Protect your site from user generated spam” from Official Google […]

Learn to give a killer presentation

Do not think that you won’t be asking to give presentation if you plan to make money online at home. You will be getting an invitation to share your experience or knowledge if you are a successful entrepreneur or able to earn a living online. Still feeling doubtful? Just check out those successful entrepreneurs or […]

10 online marketing courses that you can learn for free

Getting good results in school is not the most important thing. As long as you are able to master the skill of learning and applying the knowledge gain, you have basically fulfil one of the main purpose of going to school. You cannot learn everything that you need from school. The world continues to evolve […]

You can pursuit for money making opportunities online anywhere in the world

Yes, you can pursuit for money making opportunities online from any place in the world but only when these criteria are met. You need to have power supply and must be able to go online. Luckily technology has given us a lot of conveniences when it comes to going online and getting power supply. Once […]

What is a programmatic ad sale?

According to the blog post title “Find out if you should go programmatic” from Inside AdSense, this is the explanation for programmatic. Programmatic advertising takes your digital ad inventory and matches it to buyers looking for the ad space you offer, doing the selling for you. It uses software and algorithms as a go between, […]