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5 best online businesses to start in 2017?

Check out the infographic below for 5 best online businesses to start in 2017. Honestly I think there are more than 5 businesses which you can start right now. No doubt the 5 online businesses presented in the infographic are among the popular list, there will also be some competitions. There is opportunity but it […]

Again Google warn about spammy links in articles

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging, the last thing that you want is having Google penalize your blog or site. In worst case scenario, your blog or site might be unranked from Google search engine. Check out the blog post title “A reminder about links in large-scale article campaigns” from […]

Your blog or site might become interesting if you are not planning to make money online

Blogging can be fun and interesting if you are not planning to make any money out from it. You will be free from the rules which created by Google which determine the amount of traffic send by their search engine. Is this really matters? Honestly, if you are blogging for the sake of having fun, […]

How long should we be working in a day?

Currently most of us are working 40 hours per week. Basically it is a 9 to 5 daily job with 8 hours of working time per day. That is basically the time which you will be spending in the company when you are working. If you are an entrepreneur or be your own boss, there […]

People read watch and listen to your blog

Blog is not build with words only. It is actually a combination of words, photos, numbers, audios and videos. You can basically do anything with your blog as long as you are able to make it interesting. The goal is to generate as many traffic as possible. That is if you are planning to make […]