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Google includes Filipino language into AdSense supported languages

Basically publishers can now monetize content creating in Filipino with Google AdSense. Is this really helping publishers to make money online via Google AdSense? Well, we will just have to give it some time and check out the results after couple of month. In my understanding English is commonly use in Philippines. If my content […]

Google makes it easy for you to save images

When Google announced the ability to save images directly from Google’s image search, the first thing that comes to my mind is copyright. Images, videos and written content created online are bound by certain level of copyright. We are always advice not to make use of other people’s creation for businesses and to generate profit. […]

Google is taking steps towards the mobile world

It is not hard to realize that Google is focusing more on mobile lately. Check out the blog post title “Redesigning AdWords for marketing in a mobile-first world” from Google Inside AdWords. As you can see clearly this is one of the steps that show Google is focusing more on mobile. In other words, you […]

Google is releasing an update to mobile search results

This means your mobile site will under goes some changes when Google launches the update. According to the blog post title “Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly” from Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google will be rolling out an update to mobile search results in early May. The update is intended to increase the […]

Google launches matched content money making opportunity

Google often comes out with different ways for publishers to make money online. In other words it is not just pure simple Google AdSense ads that you can make money. This time Google launches a new way to make money online which is call Matched content. By definition it helps increases user engagement on your […]