You do not need an original idea to make money online

We often heard people saying that in order to make money online successfully, you need to come out with good original ideas. Well it is easier to say than done. Only a few people who can come out with good creative ideas, and there is no guarantee that the idea will certainly make money. If you are not a creative person and lack of resources to come out with any ideas at all, perhaps you just have to rely on the idea or work of others to make money online. You can try to study an existing idea, improving it and sell it. There are a lot of great ideas, products and services available. But most of them required improvement and adjustment in order to suit a particular customer. This is actually a common phenomenon when we are trying to bring in a foreign idea, product or service to our local community. Take for example like shoes. Western countries customers tend to have a bigger size and shape compare to eastern countries customers. You will have to adjust the shape and size of the shoes in order to suit customers in western countries. This goes the same with other ideas, products and services. You can try to research and bring in foreign ideas, products and services to your local community. Invest some money and time into improving it before launching locally. A lot of offline businesses are actually using this method all over the world. It can also be done online too. One of the examples is ecommerce website. Amazon is a popular ecommerce website around the world. A lot of people tend to copy the basic structure of Amazon and create a whole new ecommerce website but only focus on customers within their country. Some of these websites are actually very successfully. Perhaps you too can try it.

Virtual assistance might just be the easiest money making opportunity online

Anybody can become a virtual assistance as long as somebody is willing to pay for you to do the required job. You probably thinking that being a virtual assistance requires you to do a lot of things for example booking airline tickets, maintaining schedule, organizing notes, writing emails, compiling paperwork or basically doing everything your employer told you. If you are able to do all the above, you will definitely be getting a very good pay. But if you just want to make some money without having to take on too much work, you can define your job scope specifically and take the job when you feel like it. You don’t have to be the one virtual assistance that is capable of doing everything. People can just hire different virtual assistance to handle different job scope. Having a virtual assistance for one job scope is actually better because it reduces the risk of creating mistakes and problems. So if you are hoping to become a virtual assistance, choose one job scope and become good on it. Remember that you can just focus on doing one single job scope and become virtual assistance to multiple clients. Take for example if you are focusing on editing and proof reading emails, you can take on several clients as long as you can cope with the workload. Generally, it should be easy to handle with 2~3 clients.

Playing video games live streaming online is just one of the many money making opportunities

There are a lot of people trying to make money online by playing video games live streaming online. Just check out Twitch and you will find a lot of live streamers playing variety of video games. If you are hoping to make money online via live streaming but have no interest in playing video games, perhaps you can opt for different hobby or activities. Remember that you can basically do anything on live streaming video as long as you do not violate the terms and condition.

I would suggest that you pick something which you are interested to do and are good at it. This way you won’t feel bored and have fun doing the things you love. It will take some time to gather audience. So be patient and make sure that you maintain a fix schedule for live streaming. If you are not sure how to setup your live streaming video channel, check out Twitch and browse Creative. There are a lot of examples which you can check out. You might find some channels which are already live streaming the topic or idea which you have in mind. Don’t worry about it and just go ahead with the same topic or idea. Although these channels are competitors, they are also helping to bring in viewers which might drop by your channel eventually. In fact you can also ask for help to setup your live streaming channel. A lot of these streamers are actually very helpful.

How to become a Linkedin power user?

Honestly, I think you don’t have to become a Linkedin power user. You just need to be a regular user to take advantage of the professional social network. As long as you update your information and status on Linkedin often, employers will be able to browse through your resume regularly. I suppose that is the main purpose of having a Linkedin account. Although you might not be searching for a job, you can certainly keep your option wide just in case better opportunities present themselves. Your current boss might know if you have a Linkedin account or not. This is a good thing because you can understand better your status in the company depending on the reaction of your boss towards having an updated Linkedin account. Remember that any information which you uploaded can be seen by a lot of people. There is also the possibility of others trying to take advantage of the information uploaded. If the job offer is too good to be true, it is better to check and confirm the information about the company and employer. Especially when it involves oversea company which requires you to travel, take extra precaution and check thoroughly before accepting any deal. Usually the company will cover all the expenses and arrangement in order to persuade or invite you to their company. If they really want to have you in their company, they will not give up easily. So just take your time and see if it is scam or a real deal.

You can start preparing your top 10 list to buy product for Christmas

Christmas is coming soon. If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, now is the time to prepare your top 10 list to buy products. A lot of people who are busy and don’t have time to do shopping might be relying on the information you have gathered for last minute quick shopping. How much money you are able to make will be depending on how good your top 10 list is prepared. You can aim for the latest and popular products but make sure that your customers are able to get them and within reasonable price range. Remember to guide your customers all the way until they get their hands on the products they want. Try to find several locations which they can purchase the products. Although it is convenient to just place a link which points to an online shop which sells the particular products, you still have to consider that some customers just love to visit the shop personally and hold the products in their hands before making any payment. So remember to introduce both offline shop and online website which sold the products introduced. Imagine that you are the customer who is trying to purchase the best products for yearend holiday season. Simulate the entire process of purchasing the products in your mind. Write the step by step guide in detail so that customers can follow exactly without having to stumble upon any difficulties and problems. You will generate a lot of traffic and make some money if you can come out with a perfect guide. So make sure that you did a good job if you are seriously trying to make money online.