Blog is like a story?

Blog is like a story. You just have to make it interesting enough for people to read. Blog is like a book. How do you make others pick up your book and start reading? Regardless of how interesting your book or blog is you have to create an impression on the front cover. People also have to know the existence of your blog. It may sound simple but it is not if you are planning to make money blogging. You won’t make a lot of money if you are only focus on creating content or blog post. There are basically 3 important parts which you need to work on every day in order to make money online blogging successfully. First you have to find a way to introduce your blog to as many people as you can. One of the methods is making use of online social media like Facebook and Twitter. Second step is making people read your blog. This can be done by creating an appealing impression on the front cover. This means the first initial page which people landed on your blog has to be interesting enough to trigger them to read your blog post. Finally you have to create good quality content which attracts people to come back and check out your blog again and again. Does this sound like the making of a story book? Perhaps it is more like producing a television drama. It really is a business which depends on the number of people who likes it or not. Thus it actually requires a lot of work every day for a long period of time. Even the popular television drama “Game of Thrones” took several years to build up the number of viewers.

How do you add value to your blog?

The simple answer is by adding one good quality blog post every day. This may sound simple but it can be a difficult task if you are trying to produce one good quality blog post every day for years. Your blog may not be making any money or gaining any traffic at the beginning, but it will be if you are able to maintain this simple task for at least 5 years. Of cause you will have to study the definition of good quality blog post too. Any valuable information and helpful resources which can help your readers should be included in your blog post. Although these information and resources can be from others, you still can share it out on your blog post with your own opinion with a link. Your blog may looks like a place to collect useful information and resources for a particular topic after blogging for some time. Once in a while you need to compile and rearrange the content of your blog so that it is easy for your readers to browse through. You can also create a special blog post which connects all those important blog posts together with a brief explanation. The goal is trying to help your readers getting the information within your blog easily. Once your blog has at least a thousand blog posts, there are definitely values within. You have to rearrange it to make it easy for your readers to find those values. It is a trip from a simple blog to a complicated blog, and back to a simple blog again. Of cause with values included.

Sometimes the unexpected area tends to generate the most income

Sometimes the most unexpected area is the one which has the most potential in making money online. It can be frustrated sometimes when the area which we tend to focus on doesn’t generate as much income as we expected. Ironically, those areas which we didn’t spend much time and effort have the tendency to perform better. I suppose this is the reason why we should try everything and grab any opportunities when it comes to make money online. The gold mine might just at the unexpected location. We should just widen the search area. In order to pin point the exact area which has the potential to generate income online, we should pay attention on the traffic respond. In other words, the responds and activities from your readers matter. We can collect such information by using google analytic. We can basically tell what our readers are interested from the data collected. This can be shown clearly from the posts which are receiving the most traffic. In order to make money online successfully, we should be making use of google analytic to uncover those unexpected areas which have the potential to make money online. Make use of the free tools provided so that we are able to focus on the areas which generate the most income.

How do you produce at least one blog post every day?

Blogging is not a hard thing to do. It is hard when you are trying to produce at least one blog post every day. This basically means you have to come out with something to say every day and write it in your blog. Regardless of what is happening, you have to make sure that a blog post is appearing in your blog every day. Usually when you are sick or having an unexpected accident, it really can affect your daily posting schedule.

Today we will be discussing something simple. How do you come out with topics to blog every day? We know that in order to generate output, we need constant input. So what is this so call input that we are talking? Basically this is something we encounter or experience daily. In order to increase the things we encounter and experience, we have to read more and do more. If you stay at home blogging whole day without going anywhere or reading any books, you are basically on output status and no input at all. Eventually you will be running out of topics to blog about.

How much time do you need to produce a blog post? Let’s just say 3 hours are required to produce a blog post generally. You can make use of the other 21 hours for input and try to gather information to prepare for your next blog post. You can even do so when you are working if you are holding a permanent full time job. The things which you encountered, the story you listened and the incident which you saw can become part of the content for your blog post. You will be getting input whenever you are awake. The big question is “Are these inputs useful for my blog post?”

In order to gather useful inputs, it is better to place yourself in a situation which is related to the topic of your blog. If your blog is about making money online, you should check out books with related topic in the book shop. Attend seminars or meetings schedule for entrepreneurs and business owners and talk about ideas to make money online. If you are too busy or lazy to go anywhere, reading blogs related to making money online too can be useful. You can also try watching video clips from YouTube which are related to making money online. There are also a lot of podcasts available for free which is related to the topic of making money online.

Once you have been placing yourself in the circle of information related to the topic of your blog, it will be easy for you to produce a blog post every day. Even if you are just trying to voice out your opinion and thoughts, it is a long list to go through if you have done all the activities mention above. Do the work right and you will have no problem coming out with topics to blog.

Google AdSense no longer permitting ads on pop up or pop under pages

All ads are annoying. That is the fact and reality. The best you can do is tried to make it less annoying. This is what Google AdSense trying to do when it comes to implementing their ads policies. The latest updates of Google AdSense policies say that they no longer permitting the placement of Google ads on pages that are loaded as a pop-up or pop-under. This is good because the pop-up or pop-under ads is the most annoying ads of all. Imagine if you are checking out 10 websites at the same time with each of the website having pop-up ads. This will definitely slow down your work because you have to deal with additional 10 pop-up ads. Getting pop-up ads whenever you are checking out a website is definitely annoying. Check out the blog post title “Clarification around Pop-Unders” from Google Inside AdSense.

This might just be a trap for publishers who are currently serving pop-up ads. Not every publisher is receiving this clarification notice. Some of them might not even realize it until they are slap with an account termination email. The main focus of publishers is creating content. If Google AdSense really is taking care of their publishers, they should make sure that publishers are receiving the news. Sending emails to their Google AdSense account and up loading a blog post is not enough.

Usually publishers who fail to realize the change of policies are those who have been away from internet or Google AdSense for some time. One of the examples is those who are taking a few months break from the internet and went for a vacation. These publishers might not realize the changes which are happening when they are away. Their websites and blogs continue to run ads even when they are not around. Anything required to be done will have to wait until these publishers return from the break or vacation.

It will be best for Google AdSense to place a temporally hold on serving ads to those who fails to realize the changes in policies rather than just terminating their account directly. Try to listen and understand the situation and problem which publishers are facing. If Google really is serious about taking care of publishers, don’t slap an email of terminating account without listening to what they have to say.