Always seek alternative opportunities and points of views

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Instead of thinking for ways to increase revenue, most entrepreneurs are actually struggling to survive. There are only a few entrepreneurs in the world that are making a lot of money. If you take a look at your surrounding and try to look for successful entrepreneurs, you might be surprise that most of them are not doing so well. Being an entrepreneur is not easy.  Especially if you are an entrepreneur trying to make money online, you might have a hard time keeping up with the changes and updates. You will realize that your methods of making money online today might not be working tomorrow. Thus it is crucial to keep on searching and exploring for alternative ways to make money online.

“Searching for alternative ways to make money online” is easier to say than done. Instead of surfing online endlessly alone in your room trying to come out with new ideas, it is better to get out and discuss with some friends. Sometimes you just need people to bounce your ideas around in order to come out with better and creative ideas. Just try it and you might be surprise with the results. It will be best to talk to people with different points of views as that is the area which you are least consider or think of.

Remember that successful entrepreneur does not work alone. A successful entrepreneur is always surrounded by a lot of skillful and knowledgeable people. You just need to find a way so that people will support and land a hand when you needed help.

Buying lunch for client might help to increase sales

Buying lunch for client is not a new trick to try to make sales. In fact this is one of the basic and oldest trick which most businessman or salesman uses. If you are having trouble making sales or doing business, perhaps you can try buying lunch for your next client. Of cause you will have to be prepared before going for lunch.

When client agrees to let you buy lunch, which means you have earn at least 30 minutes to an hour of time with the client. That is one step ahead of reaching your goal to strike a business deal or make a sale. Next is trying to find a way to introduce your business or promote your sale during lunch time. Sometimes you might not even get a chance to explain the purpose of having lunch. Depending on the situation, sometimes you might just have to wait for another time. This doesn’t mean that it is a waste for buying lunch for your client. You are actually building up your chances or opportunity. Even if the conversation during lunch does not involve businesses or sales at all, you still get to understand and know your client better. A better understanding of your client can help to make your business deal or sales success next time. Remember that there is always a next time as long as you don’t give up.

Next time you can still try to buy lunch for the same client. This time perhaps you can choose their favorite food. The right choice of food can make your client happy. A happy client always has a higher rate to strike your business deal or make a sale. Thus you will have to learn more about food and where to get the best dining location. This is the kind of skill which you cannot learn from school.

How do you get ideas and topics to blog?

I’m sure you too sometimes experience running out of ideas or topics to blog. It is actually a very common thing especially if you are always at home writing and blogging. The reason is simple. You are constantly focus on producing output but did not put in any effort on input. In other words, you ran out of ideas or topics to blog because you did not maintain a regular input of information and knowledge.

In order to solve this problem or try to avoid running out of ideas or topics to blog, you need to get out of your house often. Although it is true that you are still able to obtain information and knowledge online, for the sake of your health, just take a walk outside often. Reading blogs, news articles and forums online too can obtain necessary information and knowledge which helps to generate ideas and topics to blog. But it is not encouraging because it is not a healthy way especially if you are blogging for a long period of time. The best way is to get out and participate in seminars, expos or any gathering functions that you are interested. When you get to meet people face to face, you will still able to generate ideas and topics to blog about. These ideas and topics usually pop out suddenly when you are least expected. You just have to note them down immediately before you forgot about it. This is the time to make full use of your smartphone.

Find your ideas and topics outside instead of sitting at home in front of your computer. Sometimes the best ideas or topics come from the people we meet and places we go. Best of all these ideas and topics usually are unique and original. You can also take pictures and videos using your smartphone and upload to your blog. The additional visual materials can help increase the quality of your blog.

Things to consider before starting a blog

If you are trying to make money online via blogging, there are things which you need to consider before starting a blog. The first thing that you need to do is prepare your mindset. Especially if you are trying to make money online blogging, it is going to take some time before you really see some money coming in. It is definitely not as easy as you think and you need to be preparing to go through it no matter what happens.

Next you will have to think about the topic of your blog. That means the content that you are going to blog about. As you are going to write the topic for a long period of time, it must be a topic that you are interested and will not get bored easily. Will you be able to write or blog about the topic continuously for 5 years?

Are you going to get your own domain name and hosting service? Or you prefer to get the free blogging service online? If you are serious about making money online blogging and hoping that one day you may turn full time blogging, it is best to invest on your own domain name and hosting service right from the beginning.

What type of audiences or readers that you are targeting? You need to determine the group of people that you are trying to write to. Are you going to blog for kids, teenagers, adults or seniors? This is very important because later you will have to build your traffic according to the people that you are targeting. The right audiences can only be found at the right place.

Finally you will need to brand your blog or yourself. It helps to market if the name of your blog is easy to remember. Determine a logo or certain keywords that you are going to use often will generate impact when you are trying to promote your blog.

Plan and think about it carefully before building and launching your blog. It will save you a lot of time, energy and money. Most important of all, it will help you to reach success sooner than you think.

Happy employees is always better than unhappy employees

If you are running a business and have some employees working for you, you might need to pay attention to your employees if you are hoping to run your business smoothly. Check out the infographic below on how to be happier at work. Perhaps you can try to make your employees happy in order to improve overall performance. Unhappy employees are always bad for business. Especially if your employees need to deal with customers directly, you have to make sure that your employees put on a true happy face with talking to customers. Although this infographic is for employees, you are still able to make use of it to understand their requirement and needs as an employer.