Money Making Opportunities ToastEggMe

kumoLearning to blog, learning to earn a living from blogging, learning to improve my writing, learning to edit HTML or CSS, learning to create a nice website, learning to be more friendly, learning to communicate better, learning to give and take, learning to respect others, learning to love, learning to express myself and most of all learning about money making opportunities.

That’s what going through my mind all day and everyday. I finish my study in college and got an engineering degree but still feel lots of things to learned. Working in a factory as an engineer makes an average paid but it’s not a life that I want. More then half of my time is in the factory and the work is boring. That is why I start to look for an alternative work or money making opportunities.

At this moment the money from the internet might not be as much as working as an engineer but it’s a very enjoyable work. For the first time in my working career I can feel that I’m in control of my work and my time. I think this is call freedom.

That is why I started to set my goal to make money through internet. Now that I got my own domain and own hosting services. This blog will concentrate on the tips and guide that I found and money making opportunities online. Everything that I encounter, learn and studied about making money online will be included here.

I also like to make friends with those that share the same interest with me. Drop me a comment if you need any help related to money making opportunities. I’ll share my information and try my best to give you the best solution.


About The Title : Money Making Opportunities ToastEggMe

The name ToastEggMe actually means “Toast and Egg” and me. “Toast and Egg” is actually a small cafe near my work place that I often visited after work. The cafe has a wireless network that enables customers online. I always went for a cup of coffee with my notebook and just surf around. That is where my first blog created and started my posting interest. It is also the place that I decided to start a blogging about money making opportunities. Here’s a picture of the cafe.