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You are actually selling both products and services

When you are selling a product, you don’t actually stop when customers get their hands on your product. You still have to teach them how to use the product properly. Customers will be asking a lot of questions before and after they purchase your product. You have the responsibility to teach and educate your customers […]

Blogging is not just about writing blog post

When it comes to pursuit of money making opportunities online via blogging, you basically cannot do everything by yourself and knows everything which required about making money online successfully. You need help from others and this includes your readers. Sometimes blogging is not just about sharing information and knowledge. It can also be a platform […]

The Google AdSense new full width responsive ads?

Once in a while Google tend to introduce new creative way to help publishers increase their revenue. Although not every way introduces can actually help to improve revenue, at least they try. Especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you need new ideas to stimulate the earning potential so that […]

You can sell anything if people are willing to pay for it

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities by selling products or services, convincing customers to pay probably is the biggest challenge. It shouldn’t be too difficult if you are selling basic daily needs. It will be challenging if you are trying to sell something which people don’t need. The thing is, sometimes […]

Review something if you are running out of topic to blog

If you happen to run out of topic to blog, just go ahead and pick something to review. I suppose this is the best way to create useful content for your blog. You can basically review anything that you like. It will be best to pick something which is related to the topic of your […]