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How do you name your business?

Regardless if you are starting a business or a blog, you need to go through the process of naming. Although it is a simple process but choosing the right suitable name can be a difficult and important task. It is as important as naming your own child. Please take a moment and think about it […]

How do you sell your idea to your boss?

Before you actually trying to talk to your boss about anything, make sure that your boss is preparing to listen to you. So it is very important that you know and understand your boss well. That means getting to know your boss in detail, especially his personality. You don’t want to catch him when he […]

Be sure you take note about the new updates of AdWords terms and conditions

Google AdWords is rolling out new terms and conditions lately. If you are using Google AdWords, make sure that you go through the details and changes which might be related to you. One thing good which Google has done is that users are required to click “Accept” to indicate acceptance. If only Google implemented this […]

You do not have to spend a lot of money in design

If you are trying to design your blog but do not have much money to spend on design, try designing it yourself. You might not be good in design but you should be able to come out with something different and unique. One thing about design is that it is difficult to tell if the […]

Use your smartphone wisely and blog wherever you go

Thanks to the invention of smartphone, we don’t have to carry a big size computer around to blog. Although we have the option of using notepad, smartphone is still the best due to the small convenient size. We don’t have to stay at home in front of our computer to produce a blog post. All […]