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The art of blogging

Blogging is an art. As long as there are people who love your creation and product, you might become famous and make a lot of money. Although it might seem that words and articles are the main ingredients for your creation, it actually doesn’t restrict bloggers from using pictures, videos and audios. Bloggers who have […]

How to work and deal with your bosses

I am sure that most of you have experience dealing with bosses. The first initial boss which most of us need to deal with is our parents. Technically speaking they are almost the same when comparing to companies bosses. It is very important that we learn how to handle and deal with our bosses. Especially […]

Sunday might just be the best day to blog

When it comes to blogging, Sunday is the best day for me to create content of my blog. The reason is simple. I have a lot more time day dreaming and enjoying my morning coffee for hours without getting much disturbance. It is not just me but everything around becomes quiet on Sunday. Probably because […]

The questions and answers feature on Google My Business

The latest feature of questions and answers implemented on Google My Business is actually a very good idea. If I’m the customer, I definitely have a lot of questions which need answers before I drive myself over to visit the shop or business location. I don’t want to waste my time and effort checking out […]

Expand the topic of your blog in order to produce at least a blog post per day

If you are planning to produce at least a blog post per day, you need to expand the variety of areas which your topic can cover. A blog topic which focuses in an area too specific might not give much room to produce enough content for daily blog post. It is not easy trying to […]