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Search Engine feeds on content but it is actually people who are reading it

Regardless of how good you manage to work on search engine optimization, remember that people are the one who are reading your content. Your content might be built to favor search engine, but it won’t be matter if people don’t like what you are writing. Your blog or site might be getting top rank in […]

Start asking questions when you are running out of topics to blog

When you are running out of topics to blog, perhaps it is time for you to start asking questions. You may start your questions by simply asking why for every single little things around you. There are a lot of things around us which we accept without questioning the reason behind. When you start asking […]

What kind of blogger are you?

Basically I think bloggers can be categories into 2 different types. The first type of blogger creates content base on his or her surroundings. In other words, the world of his or her blog is center at his or her universe. This type of blogger usually doesn’t look at situation from others opinion. Comments and […]

The unusual habits of famous and successful people?

Honestly, some of the habits introduce in the infographic below might not be good and should not be follow or practice. Unfortunately human is the kind of species which have the tendency to do crazy things. I suppose this can be easily proven by referring to the history of humankind. Now that we have the […]