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Planning ahead and the ability to solve problems instantly

In order to make sure that our work progress is smooth without any problems, planning ahead carefully is one of the most important tasks. Unfortunately this part of the job is usually ignore and left out by most people. Especially for those who only follow order to do their job. Planning is considered not part […]

Google scans almost everything to serve up ads

Lately there is news about Google decided not to scan our emails in order to serve up advertisements. This may sounds like good news but it also triggers me to question how much information Google has gather in order to serve up ads. If you have been paying attention to the latest update of YouTube […]

Feed your blog the right stuff in order to grow

It is not easy trying to make money online via blogging. It really takes a lot of time, energy and determination. You have to really take care of your blog like a baby so that one day it might grow into a successful person. In other words, the food that you feed and lessons which […]

You just need one good product to make money online

You can be providing a lot of services and selling lots of products. But in order to really make money online, you need at least one good product or service. Regardless of if you are trying to run an offline traditional business or an online business, you need one good product or service to stand […]