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What is the winning content for bloggers?

Content which is able to attract readers should be the winning content for bloggers. Regardless of the type of language, writing style, words or grammar that you are using, your goal is to gain as much traffic as possible. Especially if you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, traffic is […]

Will your job be replace by a robot?

If you are thinking that it is too early to introduce robot into our daily life, perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to the changes of technology lately. There are already many types of robots working beside us. The robot which I’m referring to is not like the movie “Transformer” where vehicles transform into robots. […]

Make blogging a habit instead of a job that you must do

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging, constantly creating good quality content for your blog is a must and important task. In order to do it efficiently, you need to treat your blog more than a job in order to achieve success. Having a mindset that you need to generate at […]

Google latest quality improvements for search

We know that Google always improve and update their search algorithm. So don’t be surprise to find that one day the search ranking of your site or blog drops or increases. It is most probably Google is tuning their search algorithm. If you are hoping to get a better search ranking from Google, it is […]

Make use of the Free Workshop to help get your business online

Google’s partners are hosting free workshop on National Small Business Week next week. If you are interested to get your business online, be sure to join the communities for free resources and tools. Check out the blog post title “Get your Business Online with a Workshop near You during National Small Business Week” from Google […]