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Things that you need to do after posting your blog post

Pursuing for money making opportunities online via blogging is not just about creating good quality content. If you actually hope to increase your income or trying to make enough money to go full time, you need to do a lot more than just creating content. Right after you push the “publish” button, below are some […]

Why do you need an iPhone 6s when you can get a similar phone for a lower price?

Why do people pay so much money for iPhone 6s? If you try to compare iPhone 6s and other similar smartphone from other manufactures, you will discover that their hardware specification is not much different. Manufactures or companies like SONY, Lenovo, HTC, Asus, Samsung or Xiaomi too produce good quality smartphones. But Why Apple gets […]

What does it mean to focus on pursuing for money making opportunities online?

We are often advice by others to stay focus on the work we do. “Stay focus” Those are the words we often heard since we were young especially when we are in school. Honestly, I have no idea or clue on how to stay focus at all when I was young. I only know that […]

Sharing feedbacks with Google

I don’t mind sharing. Well, if you are into blogging, you are basically sharing a lot of things online. So if Google asks you to share your feedback with them, will you do it? Check out the blog post title “Share your feedback on AdSense, AdMob and other Google publisher solutions” If you opt to […]

The money making opportunities online via advertising can be done in many ways other than blog

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via advertising by creating blogs and signing up with Google AdSense, it might take some time to actually see some money coming in. Creating content constantly every day and night can be very tiring. If you are hoping to try something interesting which also […]