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Study your tax carefully if you are running small business

When you are running a small business, everything matters because it involves cost. If you are not careful, you might be losing a lot of money without realizing it. Check out the infographic below for section 179 tax deduction. Although this infographic only applies to US, it is interesting to take a look at how […]

Blog like you are telling a story

No doubt you will get a pretty high ranking from search engine if you stuff your blog with facts, numbers and statistics. But this method might not favor readers because it is boring. If you think about it from a different point of view, an interesting blog post might not rank well by search engine. […]

Google Introduces the AdWords app for IOS

I used to have Google AdWords account until one day Google decided to terminate my account because I stop or pauses my campaigns for years. During the old days Google AdWords help generate my income by promoting my sites and selling affiliate products. When the price of the keywords began to increase, I decided to […]

How to get your product on Amazon

If you are trying to sell your product online, Amazon might just be the best way to showcase your product. Although there are a lot of websites that you can sell your product, it is best to choose a site which has the largest visitor or customer base. In my opinion, the goal is to […]

How much money should you be making?

Honestly I think there are no standard or particular rules to justify the amount of money you should be making. If you are just a fresh graduate who are looking for your first job or a new entrepreneur starting out a new business, you shouldn’t be aiming for the money but instead the opportunities to […]