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Your business might not be making enough money to cover cost and expenses

Starting a business is not easy. It is even harder to maintain and keep on running your business. If you are currently pursuing for money making opportunities online, it is probably too early to worry about cost and expenses. But if you are planning to grow and turn some of the opportunities into businesses, it […]

Simple way of making use of content marketing

Content marketing is commonly used by bloggers to attract readers and grow traffic to their site. The strategy basically focuses on creating quality content consistently and back with statistics, data and visual aid. But in order to really generate traffic, you can’t really tell it all and reveal everything in your blog post. The best […]

Blogging is not about writing which is right or wrong

Blogging is not about pursuing for the truth or the right things. You are actually free to blog about false information or even talk about the wrong stuff. Blog is basically a platform for people to state their opinion or voice their thoughts. The effects of what you are blogging is actually the main focus. […]

2015 holiday shopping and shipping guide

You still have about 1 month to prepare for the yearend sales before Christmas. By now you should be ready and waiting for customers to check out your site. Remember that you too are one of those customers. It might be a good idea to see things from a customer point of view. Check out […]

Google search quality rating guidelines

Google is always updating and changing their search engine algorithm. Don’t be surprise to find that your site ranking slips one day. Check out the blog post title “Updating Our Search Quality Rating Guidelines” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. It seems that Google has completed a major revision of their rater guidelines. You can find […]