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Google First Click Free update

Honestly I have no idea how Google’s First Click Free works. But I do know that everything within involves money. Currently Google decided to update the First Click Free policy from the limit of five articles per day to three articles per day. The changes will be valid on both Google Search and Google News. […]

You can basically sell anything as long as there is a demand

When there is a demand, there is a supply. This is basically what I remember when I attended my business class back in college. In fact this is the only thing that I remember from the class. I suppose I did learn something from the business class any way. Is it enough for me to […]

Google seems to put in some weight on Google Hotel Ads

One of the money making opportunities online is related to tourism. When people travel or taking a vacation any place around the world, one of the important things to consider is the place to stay overnight or hotels. How do people look for hotels or places to stay overnight? The best and most convenient way […]

Thinking about what to blog at home might not be a good idea

It is true that we can search almost anything online looking for topics to blog about. Spending some time reading blogs, checking out website and watching YouTube video clips might give you some inspiration and ideas to blog. This method is good and practical but not encouraging. Sitting at home staring at monitor every day […]

Protect yourself from robocalls

I personally haven’t received any robocalls yet but it seems to be bugging a lot of Google users. According to the blog post title “Protecting people from illegal robocalls” from Google and Your Business, the FCC received 215,000 complaints related to robocalls in 2014. If you happen to receive such robocalls, below are some actions […]