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How does Google AdWords work?

I post a similar infographic about how Google AdWords auction works early this month. I don’t suppose all of you will understand how Google AdWords work after checking out the infographic. There are a lot of things behind Google AdWords which makes the auction function and working properly. It will take some time to really […]

How to spot good and bad SEO agency

If you are trying to find a SEO agency to help increase traffic or exposure to your blog or website, check out the infographic below on how to find a good SEO agency. Although it is best to learn up SEO and apply it personally, sometimes we just don’t have the time for it. Especially […]

Rise of the Mobile Apps

Since Apple launches iPhone series, mobile apps have been dominating our minds little by little. This phenomenon has become very serious until some of us can’t get on with our life without checking mobile apps. In other words, we will be in trouble if we are unable to use mobile phone for few hours. If […]

Do you need a mobile app or a mobile site?

If you are running a small business and hoping to tap into mobile phone users, you might need to consider getting a mobile app or a mobile site. The question is which platform serves you better. Although it is cool to create and design a mobile app specifically for your business, mobile users might not […]

2013 Mobile App Behavior Survey

If you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online via developing or involving mobile apps, check out the infographic below for 2013 mobile app behavior survey. In order to make money successfully in this field, you need to understand how users interact with mobile apps. Only when you understand the demand of mobile […]