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Get Your Business Online by Creating Google My Business

Getting your business online does not mean getting a blog, website or e-commerce site for your business. It is basically means making your business visible online. Especially for small business owners, getting your business visible online can help to bring in more customers. Regardless of the amount of customers that you will get by getting […]

HTML5 Cheat Sheet for your conveniences

I am not a programmer but as a blogger sometimes it is necessary to deal with coding and programming. Especially if you own several blogs or websites, knowledge of CSS and HTML can be very useful. Check out the HTML5 cheat sheet below. You might not need it always, but it can be very helpful […]

Do you know how to protect your intellectual property?

If you have a great idea or design, how do you protect it so that others won’t steal your idea or design? Check out the infographic below on the type of protection that you can apply for your ideas or design. You can basically apply for patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secret. Bear in mind […]

Smartphone App ibotta pays you for spending money

How much money do you spend on your household grocery? Imagine if you are able to save at least 5%~10% of your grocery expenses. How much money will you be saving every month? Usually we tend to collect coupons from magazine, newspapers and brochure in order to get some discounts. That requires a lot of work […]

Used to be an interesting Money Making Opportunities Smartphone app for Locket

Locket is a Smartphone Android app that launched last year with an interesting money making opportunities online. The concept is simple. The app is free to install. You make money every time you unlock your smartphone or tablet. Users will be presented with ads or information at lock screen. Each time users wake their smartphone, […]