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Simple useful cheat sheets that can improve productivity

While blogging or pursuing money making opportunities online, I kind of repeat certain actions repeatedly. Actions like copy, paste, crop, save and moving around tabs for information are kind of must do daily. If you are not using shortcuts to perform all the action above, you might be wasting precious time doing those little actions. […]

Turn Your Smartphone into a workstation instead of a game device

IPhone 6 was launched recently. Are you one of those fans who waited in the long queue for days just for a bite of fresh new Apple? Once you get your hands on one of those smartphone, what do you actually do with it? It is an expensive high tech device with lots of convenient […]

Do you know what to do in life?

How many people really know what to do with their life? Have you ever think of this question before? Or are you just one of those people who just follow the trend and do what others are doing? If you are hoping to become an entrepreneur, did the above question flash through your mind? Check […]

You discover money making opportunities when you understand your customers and their demands

Besides blogging, I like to check out shopping complex around the city. I’m not the kind of person who likes to buy things but I do likes window shopping. Especially when I’m getting bored or tired of blogging, taking a walk is good. The main reasons that I choose to walk around shopping complex is […]

Search for Similar Site to increase traffic

Check out this interesting website call Similar Site Search. It basically enables users to check out similar sites in different languages and countries. This site is kind of useful especially if you are trying to create a similar website in different language. Some people check out successful popular website in English and trying to duplicate […]